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Flavor of pungent, fresh garlic.

Since garlic and olive oil are almost always used together in many types of cooking, you can use this in just about anything!

Mix with pasta or mashed potatoes, drizzle on steaks before grilling or just to dip bread. Use to sauteé fresh vegetables. Also great for cooking poultry and seafood.

Garlic Olive Oil

  • Vinegar Pairings: Sicilian Lemon, Honey Ginger, Black Mission Fig, Traditional 18 Year, Oregano, Vermont Maple, Peach Ideas: use to sauté vegetables; toss with pasta & freshly grated parmesan cheese; stir into mashed potatoes; use as a bread dipper with our 18 Year Traditional BV; mix with our Sicilian Lemon WBV and use to dress a niçoise-style salad w/ seared tuna, olives, haricot vert, tomato, hard-boiled egg, parsley, and boiled potato; mix with our Peach WBV and use to marinate chicken or pork

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